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We use the highest quality Tung Li threads to create your patches. We can start an all new design or match a patch that you currently have. We offer our patches at great prices to stay within your budget. Please check out the process and give us a call to get started.


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All that we need from you are your ideas or a patch that we can reproduce. We can go from a rough sketch made up of exchanged ideas over the phone or via e-mail. We then turn that into a professionally created jpeg image. It is then sent to you for your approval. Once we have the perfect design it is put into production and you then have your finished product.

Patch Production Process

Merrow border- This technique provides a clean wrap stitch around the outside of the patch.

Heat cut border- This technique is used for detailed cuts on the edge of a patch.

Borders Patch Icon PNG.png

Stitch percentage is determined by the amount of surface area of the patch is covered in thread.

We can do 100%, 75%, 50% or any percentage in between.

Stich Percent Patch Icon PNG.png

We can make almost any size and shape of patch.

Just tell us how big or how small you would like the patch to be.

We can do patches any size between 1" to 24"

Sizes Patch Icon PNG.png

The most popular backing is the plastic PVC coating.

We also offer Velcro and iron on backing.

You can even mix and match the backing on your patch order.

Backing Patch Icon PNG.png
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